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The consumers are using temporary solutions to bridge the gap on the present digital market when interacting with digital commerce. This is a problem since customers lose their rights to insurance and guarantees when paying their part of an order total using cash or apps like Swedish Swish.

MAVIS PAY is the company behind Payish multi people payments. We can deliver an easy to navigate experience compliant with regulations regarding digital transactions due to knowledge in business economics, sales, law, programming and financial technology. “We are ready for international markets after deep testing and exploratory interviews.” Says Gustav Frändfors.

State-owned Almi AB did invest in our solution two ways. A target market analysis was paid for and the opportunity to attend to an acceleration bootcamp during 5 weeks to explore business possibilities with the new multi people payment phenomenon.

The Swedish FinTech StartUp company was formed in Stockholm during studies in Affärshögskolan and KTH. The idea about socializing when shopping online was exposed when taking cognition psychology class and business economics. 

The company MAVIS PAY has owned the Pay-ish brand since November 2021 and has developed shred payments for the consumer market. “We are talking with major players and we are sure that the technology for multi person payments will be available from 2023” says Gustav Frändfors, business developer and owner of Payish.

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Payish from home

We work and go to bed, not much more during the winter due to the cold climate. Summer is much more pleasant although the seasons all have silver linings in Sweden. Payish staff does work remote all of the time and our coworkers are free to have time off when needed.

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