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Read the Swedish press release here: https://www.di.se/pressreleaser/2022/06/15/mavis-pay-ab-stort-steg-mot-delningsekonomi-med-ratt-formaner/

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Read the Swedish press release about Payish.


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Do you usually share expenses with your friends?

Sending out one or two reminders to get all the money back? With Payish you can split payments directly in the shopping cart. In addition, all split payment payers receive insurance policies that come with debit cards. Especially useful when buying travel and non-durable goods such as cars, boats and furniture. Everyone is responsible for their share of the payment when you shop online in connected e-commerce platforms.

We are a strong partner due to technical collaborations

At www.payish.com, you or a web shop owner can understand how Payish works, get inspiration and the latest news about Fintech, StartUp, Payment Innovation and how to install the service as an e-store.


It is not a stupid idea

“Why can’t I share everything I want to buy with my friends and pay together?” a classmate of Gustav Frändfors (founder of Payish) asked. The company was formed from the idea of socializing around the customer basket in e-commerce. The company MAVIS PAY AB has owned the Pay-ish brand since November 2021 and has developed split payments for the consumer market.


Consumers making a difference

Contribute to the 17 sustainability goals, one by one, every time you book a hotel, tickets or buy something new with your friends using Payish valuable collaboration with Pennybridge.


FinTech scene in Stockholm, Sweden

The split payments innovation started in school at the Affärshögskolan. “At first we were worried that other companies with bigger muscles would catch up, but we grabbed the steering wheel and drove. In June we can launch an MVP (minimum viable product) for the trading platform WooCommerce which holds 7 million e-merchants and we continue to move on to more platforms with the card acquirer Cybersource powered by Visa with the opportunity to sign more strategic partners. The goal for 2023 is to implement on all market-leading payment solutions. We are talking with major players and we are sure that the technology for split payments is available from 2022/23, ”says Gustav Frändfors, sales representative and owner of Payish.




Growth according to the e-barometer

The industry grew by 40 percent when a large part of consumption was transferred from the physical stores to e-commerce. Despite these extremely strong comparative figures, e-commerce managed to grow by another 20 percent during the full year 2021, according to PostNord’s E-barometer.


World trade is growing

World e-commerce is estimated at $ 4 trillion by 2020, representing 18 percent of the world’s total retail sales. Global e-commerce grew by 28 percent in 2020 compared with the previous year. Latin America (37 percent) had the strongest growth, followed by North America (32 percent). E-commerce in Western Europe, to which Sweden belongs, grew by 26 percent.


For more information please contact:

Payish: Gustav Frändfors +46 70 4412 935, gustav@payish.com