Frequently asked questions for consumers


“Does Payish cost me money?” No. Payish is for free.

“Are there fees when i use Payish?” No. There are no costs for consumers.

“Can I divide costs with 5 people?” Yes.

“We want to rebook or cancel a trip paid with multi person payments. What happens to the amount we paid?” The store’s terms of purchase apply.

“When can I use multi person payments?” You should use multi person payments when sharing costs for products and services with others.

“What is multi person payments?” Multi people payments are costs divided on two (2) or several people.

“Can I use Payish?” If you have a valid payment card or are creditworthy and have a phone number or an email address you can use Payish. 

“How can I use Payish?” Watch this video of how to use Payish.

“I want to share the cost of a product with a friend, how can I use Payish?” Connected stores offers Payish as a payment method.

“How does Payish store my payment information?” Payish does not have information about your payment information.

“When is the payment withdrawn from my bank account?” Money is withdrawn from you when the full amount is paid for.

“Is there a maximum limit when paying with multi person payments? No.

“Am I allowed to use multi person payments?” You can use multi person payments if you have a phone number or an email address.

“Who can use Payish?” Everyone can use Payish.

“How will I get the receipt?” The store provides receipts.

“Does Payish payment service work with all phones?” Smartphones can be used when paying with Payish.

“Can I pay if I lose network connection?” No, you can’t pay if you lose network connection. We will send you necessary information if that happens.

“What about security when using Payish?” Payish does work with partners when making multi person payments to have the best security on the market. 

“Can I regret my purchase?” The store’s terms of purchase apply. When using multi people payments you accept Payish Terms and Conditions.

“I have a foreign phone number. Can I divide payments with Swedish phone numbers?” Yes, it works with foreign phone numbers.